"Services on account of their intangibility can only be felt and experienced."

Services we offer

We offer a complete spectrum of services within the domain of 'Human Capital Consulting and HR Project Management ' and our offering can be fully customized to suit the client need and in line with the unique variables within the client’s organizational culture, with an aim to truly 'make a difference'.

  • Assessment Services (Cultural Diagnosis, Employee Engagement Surveys, Job Evaluation, Compensation Benchmarking)
  • Seminars/Workshops (Fully custom and off-the-shelf training modules based on adult learning principles)
  • Webinars/Podcasts (Custom webinars and audio podcasts –plug and play model for cost efficacy)
  • Executive Coaching (Fully confidential and on site or over phone based on need)
  • Leadership Development (Succession planning, 9 Box, Leadership Competencies, Talent Management)
  • Additional Specialized Services (Diverse Staffing, On-boarding Programs, HRIS Implementations, Process & Policy Manuals)